Frequently Asked Questions

Freight Anchor is a global E-Logistics Ecosystem Marketplace which helps both Importers / Exporters and Logistics Service Providers to receive the best prices, services & improve cooperation between them, using the latest cutting-edge technologies. Whether you are an Importer / Exporter (Factory, Trading company or Individual) or you are a Logistics Service Provider (Freight Forwarder Company, Courier, Customs Clearance, Trucking, Insurance or Warehousing) Freight Anchor Platform supports your daily deals in all these areas and strives to establish better and faster collaboration across global supply chains at all different stages.

As an Importer/Exporter or a Logistics Service Provider, you can easily register, and fill out the form to create an account on the platform, the Importer/Exporter account will be created immediately, and an email will be sent to activate your account on the platform, then you can send your requests to all the relevant Logistics Service Providers. While the Logistic Service Providers' official documents will be checked by Freight Anchor team and approved within 48 hours to activate their accounts. Please visit the How to Use It page to help you register and interact successfully on the platform

After creating the company's accounts (administrative account and operating account) and accepted by the platform Team after examining the company’s official documents, an email (to the administrative account mail) will be sent to activate the company’s accounts, after which it will immediately start receiving requests from importers/exporters on the platform. You can also customize and filter the types of requests sent to you to suit your activity and subscription plan.

As an Importer/Exporter your account has a limited free subscription, while a subscription will be paid for the accounts of the Logistic Service Providers according to the customized payment plan, they will choose, please refer to the Pricing page.

Yes, for logistics Service Providers, the first operating account will get a one month (30 days) free subscription.

Yes, Freight Anchor platform is designed in a way that helps you as a Logistics Service Provider to create multiple operating accounts in one country or in more than one country in order to increase the volume of your business. In case that the operating account's country is different from the company's origin country, please upload the official documents of the operating account.

No, each operating account will receive unique requests, and each operating account can accept to quote up to 15 requests per day from the total number of the unlimited requests sent on the platform.

When renewing the operating account of the Logistics Service Providers, you can easily modify and customize the payment plan of each operating account separately, such as adding more services or extending the subscription period.

Before the end of your subscription period, you will be notified by an e-mail (administrative account mail and operating account mail) with the new due invoice in case you wish to renew the subscription.

Freight Anchor platform is designed to enhance your business by receiving unlimited number of requests from subscribed importers/exporters on the platform, each operating account can accept to quote up to 15 requests per day from the total number of unlimited requests sent on the platform.

You have up to 3 quotations that can be submitted per request, in order to provide the most competitive offers.

Yes, Logistics Service Providers can send comments or inquiries, but without sending personal contact details or about the company, otherwise that operating account will be suspended.

You will always be notified via system notifications and an email, every time you have a new quotation for your request.

Freight Anchor platform offers you a great filtering and sorting tool to display the quotations provided by the Logistics Service Providers based on your request.

With each offer you receive from the Logistics Service Providers you will find below a (deal) button, by clicking on this button, the contact details of the Logistics Service Provider will be displayed, and at the same time the system will send your personal data as an importer/exporter to the chosen logistics service provider to complete the deal with him.

No, Freight Anchor platform will not at the present time bear any responsibility or enter into the post communication between the logistics service providers and the importers/exporters. The responsibility of the platform stops once the post-communication starts between the logistics service providers and the importers / exporters without any responsibility on the platform in completing the deal.

Freight Anchor platform offers you a rating tool to share your experience with logistics service providers or with the importers / exporters, so you have to be careful and fair in your assessment.

By using your account's dashboard, whether you are a (logistics service provider or an importer/exporter) you can easily be aware of all the procedures and statistics related to your requests / offers.

Every time you send a new request, it is saved in your (requests archive), and you can resend it again at any time after the end of the period for sending the first request, that means you cannot send the same request at the same time.

Yes, Freight Anchor is a limited liability company operating under the authority of the Egyptian Corporate Commercial Law, and provides electronically generated tax invoices to its users. That's why we require logistics service providers to submit official documents such as commercial registration and tax card as vital part of the company's registration procedures on the platform.