Alexandria Port: Not allowing entry to any unregistered truck without a tax number

Alexandria Port: Not allowing entry to any unregistered truck without a tax number

The Alexandria Port Authority decided to oblige truck owners to submit the tax number document for each truck to the Central Administration for Digital Transformation at the Alexandria Port Authority, no later than December 15th.

The Port Authority confirmed in its letter to the shipping and commercial market, however, that any truck that is not registered with a tax number will not be allowed to enter.

The letter from the Port Authority stated that this decision comes within the framework of the fruitful cooperation between the Port Authority and its partners from the companies operating in it and the Chamber of Commerce in the governorate.

The decision comes within the framework of a system implemented by the Port Authority to link electronically between all parties operating inside the port, to be a single information and data system to facilitate customs clearance procedures, examination and completion of letter papers and goods arriving at the port.

As the application of the new system will eliminate congestion at the port, examine containers and incoming goods, simplify and facilitate procedures and the release process inside and outside the port, in addition to strengthening trade mechanisms and facilitating goods transportation operations.

The use of the latest electronic systems in all departments of the port led to an increase in the volume of container and truck handling, and the loading and unloading of goods at Alexandria Port.

It is worth mentioning that Alexandria sea port is the most important port of the Arab Republic of Egypt in terms of trade volume, and through it about 60% of foreign trade is handled.

The port is divided geographically into 9 regions, six of which are in Alexandria Port, known as the Eastern Port, and three regions are in Dekheila Port. The port is also used for commercial shipping, as it also receives cruise ships and passenger ships.